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sticky z focusser

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#1 garret



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Posted 02 October 2013 - 05:49 PM


I have a z focusser on my ASA, a few weeks ago  I want to unscrew the camera from the focusser tube,

because it was firmly attached at the focusser tube I use force to unlock the camera.

The result is I have now a sticky Z focusser; when I click  '0,1mm move' once (+ or -) at the OK3 software nothing happened but the I do hear the motor!,

a second click '0,1mm move' still nothing, only  after 0,3mm/ 0,4mm of movement on the software the focusser tube is moving a large amount.

For tiny movements of 0,02mm i must click 10 times or so before the focusser actualy moves.

I can check focus with 'Life-view' on the canon camera (if there is a clear night).


I know you can make adjustments with the two brass screws on the Z focusser housing, But How?

(Or send the focusser to ASA, but then I receive a large repair bill and cannot use the scope for a couple of  months).


What I already have done is make a tiny locking screw in the focusser tube; no more fixed cameras!, and grease the ball bearings with Dupont Krytox teflon grease.






#2 D.Weinzinger


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Posted 03 October 2013 - 07:43 AM

Dear Garret,


Please contact the support@astrosysteme.at If we must change the focuser, it will take a few days not months.


Best regards,

Dietmar Weinzinger

#3 garret



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Posted 09 December 2013 - 06:35 PM

Disaster after 'pushing' the home button!


Last week I had finally some clear nights to test the focusser after the repair at ASA.

Right after pushing the Home button a disaster  happens;

very louds noise from was coming from the focusser, first a thought it was a tangled  cable connector, but it was't,

it was the focusser it self, the motor was not stopping at end of the travel;  it was very hard trying to push out the focusser draw tube!

I quickly cut of the 12 volt power, but the damage was already made: several brass parts (teeth) was coming out of the focusser.


I learn from a fellow astronomer, inside the focusser there is a end-switch, after we open the focusser, first  we saw the brass-gear was completly damaged.

We found out a wire inside the motor- housing at the connector side was lose, after solder it back on the connector-pin, we try homing,

and this time it works fine, however, the focusser needs  several new parts because for now its useless.


My question for now is May this happen after a repair?, and May this happen for a focusser only 1.5 years old?


At this time I consider the FLI Atlas focusser.


I will also e-mail ASA.


Garret van der veen



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