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  3. Hi Sandra, I looked at the list and saw you are the newest member of this forum and being a staff member. Welcome! I like to take the opportunity to ask you how the chances are that we will ever get the promised new software or even an update of the existing software...? I am very pleased with my DDM85A mount, but not so much with the company ASA, especially not with the way they treat us, their customers. The past couple of years promises are made about new products and new software, but nothing happened not even a little notice that plans changed... The bliss about the revolutionar
  4. Hello astrophotographers, The new CCD-Guide 2021 is available! Information about CCD-Guide including extensive video tutorials and an ordering possibility can be found here: www.ccdguide.com Compared to the previous edition, the new version 2021 offers 290 new astrophotos and considerable software enhancements. If you would like to learn more about the new features of the software, you are cordially invited to watch our free online presentation of CCD-Guide 2021 including live demonstrations of concrete application examples. Date: 2021-01-30 at 18:00 UT in E
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  6. Hi Lauren ... I can send you a copy of my DDM60 manual ( it is a PDF file ) if you send me your email address. It has some information on there that might help you. This manual does not seem to be available on the ASA web site any longer. My email address is " mikepalingxyz@gmail.com " Regards Mike
  7. Hello My DDM 60 PRO is provided with 2 double-cable One is for plug what you want ( i use the both ) , and the other is to plug the mount and an ASA teleskope How can i use the ASA teleskope cable to plug something : Wich cable i need or how can i make it for myself Thanks for your help
  8. Thank you for the input, much appreciated! I did another round of autofocus and this time, I got a totally different result. I perhaps got my scope a bit better collimated before. I will also try a third time with new V-slope measurements. This time it wen't much better and it looks like Ha and O3 is spot on, compared to my reference filter which is L. RGB is just a hundred of a millimeter off compared to the L so that is good to go. I will also calculate the distance in steps to have that in hand if i need to try the Maxim DL route. (Do i need FocusMax plugin for maxim to ge
  9. Hi Daniel, I can't comment on the Astrodon filters. I use Baader filters and I also experience differences: The RGB-filters are basically parfocal but about 0,04mm off compared to the L-filter. The narrowband filters are about 0,33mm off compared to the L-filter, as the narrowband filters are 2mm thick whereas the LRGB filters are 3mm thick. The differences that you measure are substantial if the filters are claimed to be parfocal as expecially the difference between L and the narrowband filters is way bigger than your critical focus zone. To compensate for that, I put
  10. Hi, I am having some trouble with my focus offset and thought you guys might have som pointers Equipment: 10" f4 1000mm, with 3" TSNTRED corrector reducer f3,4 850mm Astrodon 36mm unmounted filters So, first of, theese filters are stated to be parfocal, but in my experience, they are somewhat off, either that or it has to do with collimation / altered conditions during the night. How ever, i took three readings (Autofocus in sequence) and avreged them out per filter, and the autofocus routine says the offset for RGB compared to L is around 0.02 to 0.03mm (if the autofocus routine
  11. In AutoSlew, the software for ASA mounts, there is a feature to control the fan speed through a connection on the mount.
  12. What are you using to control the fan speed? Is that a feature when combined with an ASA mount?
  13. Hi, I have started a youtube video where I cover all sorts of things. I actually made a video on how to balance a DDM mount, if anyone is interested in watching it Thought it might be useful for those who are in the market for a direct driven mount as balacing is one of the main questions (to my knowledge). /Daniel You can find the video here:
  14. I'm curious about what is the most recent version of ACC Ascom Driver? I have an OK-3 focuser. Mine is version and appears to be working OK except for an occasional homing problem. Thanks, Michael
  15. I have an ASA 0.73 Reducer, and its dimensions are exactly as per the ASA drawing. Are you sure what you have is an ASA reducer? Mark
  16. Enjoy your life - save the planet and be a good friend

  17. I know I'm late, but maybe this piece could help: I experienced a similar issue with my DDM60 back in august. Basically the logs were full of odd magnetic angles and high powers, with the mount not even moving anymore. The scope was perfectly balanced (it's a remote system). After much back and forth with ASA we decided to swap the circuit board. Not easy with Covid and everything going on, but I still made it down to Namibia and swapped that circuit (plenty of tiny wires to check, trust me). Okay so long story short, the swap didn't improve anything. I still had this weird issu
  18. as you can see, the measure of diameter on the pdf is 79.5mm while in reality it is 81mm
  19. Goodevening. I'm italian guy, i buoght a 3" 0.73x corrector used from a austrian guy. while I was taking the measurements to make the fittings I realized that they were different from the specifications. I have attached photos of the corrector and the pdf with the specifications of the corrector ... even the real length of the corrector is different! have different models been made? Thanks for your help. Giovanni.Corr_3Zoll_Reducer.pdf
  20. Hello ,Luke. just one question...how much did it cost you to send the mount to ASA and get it fixed? thanks Jose
  21. was working, then one day it didn't, worked one more time on another night--my best view of mars haven't been able to get past the motor initialization since. corresponding with ASA support now. thanks
  22. Hi Bill, was it working before and suddenly stopped working? Did you change anything in your setup? Best regards, Robert
  23. Maybe ASA can check remotely through a teamviewer session...
  24. pyarmid power supply, forget which model, but i've been using it for years. bought a new one, same model, same problem.
  25. What power supply are you using and did you check the output voltage?
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