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  2. Hello all. I have a new to me 10N and 3" Televue Paracorr 2 that I'm having trouble getting anything near round for the stars. Even when centered, stars are triangular or 3 lobed shapes. My image train is the OK3Z focuser, extension plus holder, Paracorr with AVI-3200 imaging system adapter, imaging system-M42 adapter. The camera for the tests is an SBIG STF-8300 with the FW8 filter wheel and OAG. Backfocus of the combination is 57.5mm. My collimation is close but not spot on yet. Is my problem the spacing, image-train, collimation or something else? I have a Takahashi Epsilon too but have never experienced star shapes like this throughout the field. The test images attaches were 60" unguided on a Paramount MX. Full resolution and fits are available here: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/ikcd367mt79mb62/AACZkqmjRXcEf_TF803UnIJUa?dl=0 Thanks for any assistance you can lend. Chris
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  4. Hi Christer. I had no problems with speed whatsoever. I used it with a ASI 174MM cool for solar imaging. My Icron Ranger 2304 could not work with it... Maybe this info is what you need?: https://cdn-reichelt.de/documents/datenblatt/E910/SILEX_DS600_DB_DEU.pdf B.R. Waldemar
  5. Hi Waldermar, Thanks for the SilexDS600 tip, I used the DDM85 data port to run a ethernet camera befor it worked fine. Do the SilexDS600 deliver the USB3 speed needed? what camera do you run? I will soon test a QHY600M and it should download a full frame 60 Mpixel image in 2-3 sec on USB3 and native driver, the camera specs are "Full Frame Size: 2.5FPS (16-bit output)" And SilexDS600 supports USB3.0 SuperSpeed --> should be 5 gigabits per second (Gbit/s) (625 MB/s) but im not sure what USB3 genaration spec it supports and the troughput on the windows driver, will se. A full frame image is 120 Mbyte -> 960 Mbits so to get 2.5 FPS --> 2400 Mbits/sec -> 2,4 Gbit/s, so I need 50% of the supported USB3.0 SuperSpeed I think it hangs on how the camera and windows driver performes. Cheers, //Christer
  6. Hi Waldemar, Thank you for sharing the details. That looks like a great and stable solution, I think we will go with it Regards Michael
  7. Hi Michael My DDM85 has an USB-out port for the HUB, but the mount control is done through a RS232 to USB converter. That RS232 connector is not the normal type, but a Lumberg DIN screw connector Three more of those type of connectors are available: 1 for powering the mount, 1 for auxiliary power (for example 2 x12v, galvanically separated) and 1 data port. The connectors on the DEC part are 3 x USB, 1x regulated ventilator connection, 1 data port and of course the aux. power connector I used the data port on the DEC part for making an ethernet connection to the SilexDS600, which I pickup at the data port on the RA. (the Lumberg 8 pole connector) With the DDM60, the connectors are a bit differently arranged, but you also have a data port as I remember, so you can use that to connect to the Silex. I seem to remember there are 2 USB outlets on the RA. 1 for mount control and 1 for the hub...so I do not understand why you could not change the internal hub. You may need to change the cabling, though. Some soldering skill is needed, the 8-pole connectors are not very forgiving ... So in short: the 8-pole connectors are used to make an ethernet cable with rj45 connectors on the other side. Be aware there are two kinds of 8-pole connectors: 1 straight with 240° for the DEC connection and one with 270° left pic shows the different pole arrangement; middle is the DEC cable; right the RA cable (I kept it short) Regards, Waldemar
  8. Thank you all for your responses I thought it might be easy like a plug and play replacement. There is no certain reason for the upgrade to USB 3. Most stuff is still USB 2 but I made the experience that USB 3 is more stable than USB 2 and since my CCD is running on USB 3 and I have dismounted my RC for doing some improvements, I thorough it could be a good idea to use this chance to upgrade. @Waldemar I think I will go with your solution. Have you also connected the mount directly into the DS600 so that your PC is controlling the your DDM? What are you connecting with the Lumberg 8 connector? Regards Michael PS: @Vaud welcome
  9. I did exactly that: I used the mount's data transfer sockets, to connect a Silex DS600 USB-Ethernet extender with ethernet connections. I made my own cables with Lumberg 8 point connectors. Using the data cables which are supplied with the mount works as well of course. The Silex DS600 has 1 USB2 port and 1 USB3 port which both can handle a 4 port hub. This solution answers any USB demand.
  10. Hi, I think this is my first post in this forum so let me please take this opportunity to say Hello to Everyone! Back to the topic... Dont know how it is done in DDM85 but in DDM60Pro (i.e. cabling through the mount) the hub, that sits in DEC head of the mount is linked directly to USB Hub socket on RA. That's to say, for the USB Hub purposes e.g. to connect USB 3.0 Camera, the inner electronics should not interfere as it does not go through "electronic board". Could be in DDM85 it's really the case... In any case, I just wonder why would you need 3.0? Some time back it was also my "dream" but then I realized it's just "nice to have", rather than "must have". For the mount control itself USB 2.0 should be sufficient (there is no massive data transfer) and the 3.0 could be achieved as per ChristerS's post. An alternative would be to use "data" socket (if not used of course) + custom cabling. There is a post on this solution somewhere here in the forum, will try to find it when back home tonight. Obviously it requires a bit of "bricolage" as french speaker say, soldering, connectors etc. but just note: (1) you need to play with cables anyway i.e. changing hub or inventing a small bit of new electronics (2) you take a risk of breaking something that is working - ASA support team would not like this approach neither Does it make sense? Cheers, Krzysztof
  11. Hi, Just asked ASA about this for my DDM85 and the answer was this "No unfortunately not, as the USB hub runs trough our electronics board which is only USB2. I have pretty much the same configuration in my own observatory (ASI 6200). I use external cabling with a Startech USB3 range extender." Cheers, Christer
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  13. Waldemar

    Autoslew 5248

    try another (better) cable...
  14. Hi - What's new within .. I'm using under win10 and have a lot of issue with the USB connection... in case of inbalance of ozzillation software turns into no response status - the only way to get out if unplug physically the USB cable and plug in... I'm not happy of this.
  15. Hi, Has someone done an upgrade from the original build in USB hub in the ASA DDM 85 to a newer one with USB 3.0? If yes, which one have you used? Thanks Michael
  16. Hi Robert, 

    I've exactly the same issue. I thought it's driven by update of Windos (running now Windows10). 
    While I got this error - the whole software stops working... - only way to recover is to physically unplug and plug the USB connection. 

    Is you issue resolved ? 


  17. Thank you. I have looked at the solution of kolec but it is not so convenient. I test voyager in the last weeks also. And it seems exact what i'm looking for. It does all that I want, okay without mlpt, than it would be perfect. But I will go for it. If anybody interessed in, you find it here https://software.starkeeper.it/. For two cameras you need the 2 array version. Leonardo the or one of the programmers was so helpful to me also with remote support. It was fantastic.
  18. si6pack

    GPS connection

    Hi all, I was suffering from similar problems, my "Sorgenkind" was the focuser. I had to realize, that setting up (installing) the devices (mount, FW, CDD, GPS, focuser) when they are plugged-in the computer (either directly or via a hub) and removed again leave, from time to time, "zombie" COM-ports behind, which are normally not visible in the hardware manager. Here is a link to a page in the www (unfortunately in german) where this phenomenon AND its cure is described: https://serielleschnittstelle.de/index.php/zusatzinformationen/tipps-und-tricks/zombie-schnittstellen-entfernen.html Since I do not have a permanently installed mount, I must plug and unplug my devices to my computer when the mount installed in front of my garage - and from time to time, COM ports were left behind which screwed the whole system - GPS was not recognized, focuser (old OK3) was not found and did lead to error message of USB-port problem. After making the invisible and left-behind COM-ports visible, and after removing them as described in the link, everything works as expected... Hope this helps, Christian
  19. Hi Thomas, I use an Icron Ranger 2304, which is an 4-port USB-Ethernet converter with two units, one at the scope and one at the computer with an ethernet cat6 cable connecting the two units to each other. Maximum distance between the two is 100 meters with cat6 : https://www.icronshop.com/icron-brand/icron-ranger-2304 A set for fiber optics interconnection is available as well. That can cover 300 meters distance. Another one is the Silex DS-600 which has a USB2 and a USB3 port. It can handle a 4 port hub on both connections. This is a single unit with a cat6 cable to the ethernet port on your computer or a server: https://www.silextechnology.com/connectivity-solutions/device-connectivity/ds-600 Both work well without problems. The Silex DS-600 is the cheapest of the two. Because these units are used at the mount and then with a cat cable to the computer or laptop inside the house, I treated them with NanoProtech Electric spray to prevent problems with condensation. To be clear: no computer at the mount, just connect your USB equipment to the Icron Ranger or Silex DS-600 and from there to your computer in the house. BR Waldemar
  20. Hi, for redundancy reasons I would like to have the possibility to access the ASA with a second computer. Is this reliably possible with a USB server wich I connect with ethernet? Does anyone have any experience with this and which devices can you recommend? Reliability is the first priority and USB 3.0 is not necessary. Thank you Thomas
  21. Thanks for explaining your wishes. I have no knowledge or ever heard of such a program, Thomas... sorry. Best regards and success
  22. Waldemar thansk a lot for your effort. Dithering is a must have feature, and of course i can setup a second computer with another Software but what I like to have is that the two imaging instances communicate with each other. So if Setup1 is ready and like to dither setup 2 is still exposing due i.e. different download times or something else, camera 1 should wait and just start when camera 2 is ready also. Also setup 2 should wait if setup 1 is calibrating the guider or make an autofocus routine. I hope that makes it a little bit clearer for what I'm looking for.
  23. Hi Thomas 🙂 The software for the second camera does not need to be related to the mount. For example Nebulosity, without mount connection. Dithering will automatically be the same as the main camera, because it is on the same mount. The camera's will need to be in exactly the same imaging sequence in order the dithering to work and not ruining the images of the second camera... Or no dithering ...
  24. Hi ASA friends, I'm very pleased with Sequence and MLPT on my DDM60pro overall, but I am now looking for a solution for a Dual setup with two cameras on one mount. As I know there ist no software out there wich supports mlpt, but sequence can only support one camera. I found some software products wich be able to control two cameras with synchronized dithering on paper. Voyager and N.I.N.A. Voyager works together with MaximDL, N.I.N.A. will not. Have anyone experience with the software above? Or what kind of solution are you using? BTW: I given up waiting for a new software from ASA. Thanks and best regards Thomas
  25. hello everyone, after installing the ASCOM platformform6.4 driver and the software in the "support" section, I cannot bring up the ASCOM driver from the focuser. It is therefore impossible to use FocusMax for example. Did I forget something? Thank you in advance for your help.
  26. Waldemar

    Autoslew 5248

    Hi Chris, This update was available for the beta testers a couple of months already. It appears to be stable, so now it is available for everybody. After installing, you can find the upgrades normally in: OS(C) > Program Files (x86) > Autoslew > Autoslew upgrade report.Of this version I do not see a report, though... 5247 is the last documented one
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