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  1. THank you Bill, Regards Martin
  2. Hello Mark, do you mean with "You don't need clear skies. Just run the mount on a target in The SkyX - for up to several hours if necessary. No need for camera etc..." To connect mount " autoslew " to TSX and then chose a target in TSX and that should be enough ?? You do not need / mean to AUTOGUIDE right.. Regards Martin
  3. I have a Nokia LD-3W Bluetooth GPS Modul works also very well with the AUTOSLEW.. REgards Martin
  4. Very nice photo Christer regards Martin
  5. Could it be ? that you have had or did setup another focuser installed or setup and ACC is trying to start it ? and outcome is the error "Device Error". Try to “reset Settings in ACC with ””ACC General Settings”. abd setup the OK3 as your new focusser system. Good luck and I am only guessing.. :wub: Martin
  6. Very nice image and colors..
  7. Do you mean ? ASA is developing a new software for the ASA mounts.. ?? Thank you Martin
  8. The changes in Version - Fourier Error Superfit Bug corrected - New ACC 27 to allow useage of 2 absolute rotators in ACC gateway - Bug corrected with Dome Azimuth position on east side with german mounts
  9. Hello, By surprise, did check today if any new software version is available and was surprsied to find the Autoslew version is available ( not a BETA version ) https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B7VuwIiNBZw2QVpPZWlxaXBUVEk Regards Martin
  10. Artem

    French Heart

    That is an amazing image, amazed here
  11. Beautiful Image, always amazed how deep and full of contrast are the images you take !! and without any guiding..
  12. Beautiful ! amazing image..
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