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    Some new images

    Hi Some images from the last months: Messier 3 Data and higher resolution: http://www.distant-lights.at/m3-2019_05_11.htm Messier 53 and NGC 5053 Data and higher resolution: http://www.distant-lights.at/m53-2019_04_21.htm the galaxy cluster Abell 1367 Data and higher resolution: http://www.distant-lights.at/abell1367-2019_02_06.htm Cancer galaxy cluster Data and higher resolution: http://www.distant-lights.at/cancer_gal_cl-2019_02_27.htm Where this images are located in the night sky you can find here: http://www.distant-lights.at/image_maps.htm Thanks for looking Thomas
  2. Hi NGC 918 is a little spiral galaxy in the constellation aries. It is heavily obscured by galactic cirrus. exposure time: ~20h Moravian G3-16200 ASA 10" Astrograph, ASA DDM60, no guiding more data and higher resolution: http://www.distant-lights.at/ngc918-2018_10_11.htm Thomas
  3. Hi A colorful, but rarely imaged region in the constellation Cepheus ASA 10" Astrograph, ASA DDM60 Moravian G3-16200 total exposure time ~33h more infos and higher resolution: http://www.distant-lights.at/lbn496-2018_10_4.htm Best Regards Thomas
  4. Hi Two open clusters and a small reflection nebula in the constellation Cassiopeia Info and higher resolution: http://www.distant-lights.at/vdb6-2018_10_6.htm Best Regards Thomas
  5. Hi Mike I know, the ImageSolver is annoying sometimes. For this short focal length try another star catalog , maybe "TYCHO-2" and reduce the Limit magnitude to 10 Under "Advanced Parameters" use "Polygons" as Alignment algorithm see the attached screenshot Hope it works now Thomas
  6. Hi Mike I have written a tutorial about that: http://www.distant-lights.at/tipps/MosaicPlanning_PixInsight.pdf The ImageSolver script you'll find at Script - Image Analysis Mosaic Planner in Script - Utilities Thomas
  7. A very nice collection of great images! Thomas
  8. Thanks for your nice comments! Thomas
  9. This could be done very easy in PixInsight with the MosaicPlanner script: screenshot from wikisky.org, pasted in PixInsigh as new image ImageSolver script for astrometry MosaicPlanner script for the tiles and coordinates Best Regards Thomas
  10. Hi 2-panel mosaic of the area around NGC 7129 42h Halpha and 39h 40min LRGB with Moravian G3-16200 ASA 10" Astrograph, ASA DDM60, no guiding more data and zoomable, full resolution image: http://www.distant-lights.at/ngc7129-2018_08_16.htm Thomas
  11. Hi A very interesting, but rarely imaged HII region in Cygnus 2-panel mosaic with ~31h total exposure time Moravian G3-16200 ASA 10" Astrograph ASA DDM60, no guiding higher resolution: http://www.distant-lights.at/lbn380-2018_07_23.htm Thomas
  12. tommy_h

    Collinder 399

    Thanks for your nice comments!
  13. tommy_h

    French Heart

    Wow, thats great! Nice details and colors Thomas
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