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  1. Hello My DDM 60 PRO is provided with 2 double-cable One is for plug what you want ( i use the both ) , and the other is to plug the mount and an ASA teleskope How can i use the ASA teleskope cable to plug something : Wich cable i need or how can i make it for myself Thanks for your help
  2. Hi, I have the same problem (DDM60 PRO July 2010) Did you solve it ? Have you some solution ? What append with ASA support ? I have some other problem too : - lost "home position" at startup with need to restore ini file - don't find home position with need a mount reboot - ... Laurent K
  3. Thank's a lot Have you more pic to see me how to access to the fuse ? And can you tell me wich kind of fuse i must buy to replace it ? Regards
  4. Hi there is a new method for calculte the ERF to be used with the latest version of Autoslew ( ) I use it but it's not simple. I have many problem trying to have a good ERF and a accurate pointing specially after a meridian flip You must ensure that you have not unpredictable error before calculate ERF Good luck Autoslew-News_E.pdf
  5. Hi the brown/white cable for external power supply ( G sprial cable) do not more supply power. I verified he sockt A plug and it doesnt work too. So i think that something it's wrong inside the mount : Is there a fuse inside the mount? If yes how can i verify and change it ? In all cases wat can i do to repair that failure Best regards Laurent K
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