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  1. Hi Christer. I had no problems with speed whatsoever. I used it with a ASI 174MM cool for solar imaging. My Icron Ranger 2304 could not work with it... Maybe this info is what you need?: https://cdn-reichelt.de/documents/datenblatt/E910/SILEX_DS600_DB_DEU.pdf B.R. Waldemar
  2. Hi Michael My DDM85 has an USB-out port for the HUB, but the mount control is done through a RS232 to USB converter. That RS232 connector is not the normal type, but a Lumberg DIN screw connector Three more of those type of connectors are available: 1 for powering the mount, 1 for auxiliary power (for example 2 x12v, galvanically separated) and 1 data port. The connectors on the DEC part are 3 x USB, 1x regulated ventilator connection, 1 data port and of course the aux. power connector I used the data port on the DEC part for making an ethernet connection to the SilexDS600, which I pickup at the data port on the RA. (the Lumberg 8 pole connector) With the DDM60, the connectors are a bit differently arranged, but you also have a data port as I remember, so you can use that to connect to the Silex. I seem to remember there are 2 USB outlets on the RA. 1 for mount control and 1 for the hub...so I do not understand why you could not change the internal hub. You may need to change the cabling, though. Some soldering skill is needed, the 8-pole connectors are not very forgiving ... So in short: the 8-pole connectors are used to make an ethernet cable with rj45 connectors on the other side. Be aware there are two kinds of 8-pole connectors: 1 straight with 240° for the DEC connection and one with 270° left pic shows the different pole arrangement; middle is the DEC cable; right the RA cable (I kept it short) Regards, Waldemar
  3. I did exactly that: I used the mount's data transfer sockets, to connect a Silex DS600 USB-Ethernet extender with ethernet connections. I made my own cables with Lumberg 8 point connectors. Using the data cables which are supplied with the mount works as well of course. The Silex DS600 has 1 USB2 port and 1 USB3 port which both can handle a 4 port hub. This solution answers any USB demand.
  4. Waldemar

    Autoslew 5248

    try another (better) cable...
  5. Hi Thomas, I use an Icron Ranger 2304, which is an 4-port USB-Ethernet converter with two units, one at the scope and one at the computer with an ethernet cat6 cable connecting the two units to each other. Maximum distance between the two is 100 meters with cat6 : https://www.icronshop.com/icron-brand/icron-ranger-2304 A set for fiber optics interconnection is available as well. That can cover 300 meters distance. Another one is the Silex DS-600 which has a USB2 and a USB3 port. It can handle a 4 port hub on both connections. This is a single unit with a cat6 cable to the ethernet port on your computer or a server: https://www.silextechnology.com/connectivity-solutions/device-connectivity/ds-600 Both work well without problems. The Silex DS-600 is the cheapest of the two. Because these units are used at the mount and then with a cat cable to the computer or laptop inside the house, I treated them with NanoProtech Electric spray to prevent problems with condensation. To be clear: no computer at the mount, just connect your USB equipment to the Icron Ranger or Silex DS-600 and from there to your computer in the house. BR Waldemar
  6. Thanks for explaining your wishes. I have no knowledge or ever heard of such a program, Thomas... sorry. Best regards and success
  7. Hi Thomas 🙂 The software for the second camera does not need to be related to the mount. For example Nebulosity, without mount connection. Dithering will automatically be the same as the main camera, because it is on the same mount. The camera's will need to be in exactly the same imaging sequence in order the dithering to work and not ruining the images of the second camera... Or no dithering ...
  8. Waldemar

    Autoslew 5248

    Hi Chris, This update was available for the beta testers a couple of months already. It appears to be stable, so now it is available for everybody. After installing, you can find the upgrades normally in: OS(C) > Program Files (x86) > Autoslew > Autoslew upgrade report.Of this version I do not see a report, though... 5247 is the last documented one
  9. No, I mean distance between filter and sensor. Filter should be as close to the sensor as possible.
  10. Works great! The site looks really good now... Thanks!
  11. I thought that was just a smart move... 🙂
  12. Hi Crister, I would definitely be interested in your interesting projects! Put me on your list please 🙂 BR,
  13. Sad but thru, George....
  14. Hi Michael, When will this happen?
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