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  1. Hi, does anyone know what the setting ”make new autofocus after every line” means in sequence? i want to make a new autofocus when i change filter, not after a certain amount of time, Will this be the right setting? i can not find anything in the manual. /Daniel
  2. I have and it works AMAZING! It is fast as heck, strong as a powerlifter and very exact in its travel. When i mounted my Sesto on my feathertouch true 3" focuser, it was a breeze to install, and i measured the backlash with a caliper able to emasure 1/100 of a mm, and the backlash was apr. 40 steps where each step is apr. 0.07 microns I then measured the consistence of the travel and i went back and forth, traveling both 2,3 and 4 cm and the Sesto hit the same 1/100mm each time. I can only strongly recomend it!
  3. I have read a bit of the ASCOM Alpaca work that is beeing done, and it looks promising. The basic idea is that the regular ASCOM platform will be able to talk via an API which is called ASCOM Alpaca, and uses network (wifi, ethernet etc.) interface and is not bound to a specific OS, it will talk cross-platform via the API. (iOS, android, OSX, linux, windows) The million dollar question is - will ASA jump on this train or stand on the platform waving the train goodbye?
  4. Hmm, that seems strange as i am 99% sure that i have read some manual PDF that states the program should run in admin mode... That works for me as i had some problems when i run the program in non-admin mode. Whatever floats your boat seems to fit in this aspect.
  5. Aha, so your are basically fysically pointing the scope to the wrong opposite position and set those as park position, and then it will slew to the opposite in regards to the newly set park position which will be the right position?
  6. unfortunately it looks like this doens´t work, or maybe I have done something wrong. i set the new park positions at 189 degree az and 1 degree alt and the counterweight bar fazing east - That didn't work, it wan't to slew so that the counterweight bar is facing west. I then choosed to autoslew to set the counterweight bar to west... that didn't work either... well it worked in that way that autoslew actually did flip the mount so the coutnerweight bar pointed at west. Do i have to save and re-open the program to make this take effect or something? /Daniel
  7. Corpze


    Hi, I have a similar problem; My scope is a f3,4 which have a critical focus zone (CFZ) of 27 microns. My sesto senso / Starlight feather touch combo has a resulotion of 0,0007423mm per step (should be 0,7 microns right?) 32000 steps is a full rotation of the starlight focuser, which is 23,7536mm So, in that case, 1mm should be 1347 steps (32000 steps divided with 23,7536mm) What values for Fine and Coarse do i have to have for the auto focus routine to runs optimal? Is Sequence set to assume 100 steps is 1mm?
  8. Hi, I am trying to find the best settings for the autofocus routine in Sequence. My scope is a f3,4 which have a critical focus zone (CFZ) of 27 microns. My sesto senso / Starlight feather touch combo has a resulotion of 0,0007423mm per step (should be 0,7 microns right?) in the Autofocus "tab" in sequence, when i measure the V-slope, i get a value of 0,83mm in the coarse focus box and half that value in the fine focus box. Isn't theese values far to high to be able to pin-point the focus? What is your typical value for a telescope this fast?
  9. Can't help with your specific question, as i haven't tried it myself. But i don't see why it wouldn't work. I was wondering myself if i can make sequence trigger my ASCOM flat field LED panel somehow :/
  10. Hi. I am having problems with my no.2 park position. No 1 (zenith) works fine, but the second one, which i have set to -1.0 degree Alt and 178 degree Az should be pointing south with the counterweight bar towards east. When i slew, it will flip and point south with the counterweight bar pointing west. Has the setting which i can choose how many degrees over the meridian i can track something to do with this? /Daniel
  11. I was just about to write that you could try change regioon format, the same thing happend to me as well. Also, set every program to run as admin. /Daniel
  12. To bad this site got hacked, it was a gold mine! I do not have time to participate to much i am afriad, but i have some videos on my Youtube channel which i can post along with my workflows if someone will revive the site. /Daniel
  13. May I ask how much the upgrade is? The DEC bearing of my DDM85 standard is probably giving up soon, I can feel small uneven resistance when I am turning the axis. I am thinking of returning my mount for service and upgrade. /Daniel
  14. Thanks for all tips and tricks. I think my new computer is set to serve me well. Windows update was run a couple of times before i started to install all the softwares (Ascom, Autoslew, Sequence, Maxim DL, drivers etc.) and after all sofware was installed, i turned Windows update off USB Sleep disabled Energy settings set to not turn off hdd, hibernate pc and such settings. Anything else i might have missed?
  15. Ok, good to know George!
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