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  1. Dear Andrzej, This is a very nice image. Right now we prepare the ASA calendar 2020. Would you give us permission to use this image? Please contact me at: g.rhemann@astrosysteme.at Thanks in advance Gerald
  2. Hi Robin, The distance between the holes is 89mm. For the gravity center I have to ask back. Gerald
  3. Misc settings and enable log files
  4. Hi guys, Just tested Autoslew, Sequence and ACC with Windows 10 - works well! Gerald
  5. George, I recommend to contact ASA support on this issue? Gerald
  6. Dear Pelle, You are right - collimation is a tricky issue. First of all - as I have seen at the internet the tublug is 1 1/4" - I personally prefer 2" collimation tools - because one additional source of error can be avoided. Because I have problems with the laser to see it only sharp with glasses I prefer the Cats Eye Collimation tools 2". Only to at a first centering of the secondary to the main mirrors center I use a 2" collimated laser. Then with the Cats Eye tools it is a ping pong from secondary to main mirror and back. Most of the time several passages are necessary. I use the Cheshire to align the main mirror and the autocolli to align the secondary. At the end I have to see the star of david through the autocolli eyepiece as well as the center pupil in the middle of the hole of the mark. At a permanent facility I recheck collimation on a star. Hope that helps good luck Gerald
  7. Dear Benoit, At use of windows 7 you would need the appropriate controller. If you would be so kind to contact ASA office we could offer and send you one. with best regards Gerald
  8. Dear Ralph, There must be a difference in polar align values between the roughly alignment and the result after a bigger pointing file - this is caused by different sources as you already assumed (scope flex etc.). But finally as an aceptable good result for polar align - all values lower then five arcminutes is perfect! best regards Gerald
  9. Hello Mark, You will find a detailed description on page 6: http://www.astrosysteme.at/images/Collimating_ASA-Astrographen_E.pdf best regards Gerald
  10. Hello Haim, I wrote a quick set up word document and will send it offline to your email address. best regards Gerald
  11. Markus, have you been succesfull now? best Gerald
  12. Hello, To put it straigth - cables had never influence at tracking or slewing. Do you already own a mount with any problem? with best regards Gerald
  13. That´s a very nice image George. Hopefully the comet will be a great one after perihel! Gerald
  14. Hello Gerhard, thanks so much! Gerald
  15. Hello everybody, If one have enough time to invest (balance, (auto)tuning, polar align, pointing file, this mount is tracking perfect. But believe it or not - the last time at comet imaging I was under extreme time pressure. I assembled the mount, made a roughly balance by hand/no motortuning, pointed with the laser to Polaris, moved to the comet (8° altitude!), started a local tracking - send it to autoslew - and all the images have been perfectly tracked :_) an impressive performance under these circumstances! best regards Gerald
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