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  1. hello everyone, after installing the ASCOM platformform6.4 driver and the software in the "support" section, I cannot bring up the ASCOM driver from the focuser. It is therefore impossible to use FocusMax for example. Did I forget something? Thank you in advance for your help.
  2. Hello Robert, Thank you for your reply. On the site of preciseparts.com, I must choose the correct corrector to make my ring. Several choices are available to me : But you answered my question I must take the 3KORRW corrector because my ASA10" telescope is an f3,8
  3. Hello In order to build a ring suitable for my Wynne corrector on the ASA10 ", what is the difference between the 3KORRW and the 3KORRH8? How do I know which group my Wynne concealer belongs to? Thank you
  4. Hello, After a lot of disappointment with the ASA company and my Newtonien telescope, I present you a large field around the nebula of the bubble comprising: - an open cluster of stars (M52-NGC 7654: distant about 5000 light years) - nebula I present you a large field around the nebula of the bubble comprising:- an open cluster of stars (M52-NGC 7654: distant about 5000 light years) - nebula NGC 7538 (active star formation region) - the bubble nebula (bubble created by the stellar wind of a star), which is about 10 light years in diameter and continues to grow, for comparison the diameter of the heliosphere, the sphere of influence of the Sun, would be close to 35 light-hours only.) ASA10" Newtonien Canon 6D Astrodon Paramount MyT 186x300s at 400ISO (02 and 03DEC2019) Total exposure : 15hrs
  5. Thank you for your feedback Christer I sent my primary mirror last Friday. I'm waiting for Wolfgang's return on quality. He will then confirm if the mirror will be exchanged or recoated.
  6. I'll have to look at that too. I will do the same procedure.
  7. Hello, Out of curiosity, has the problem been solved? What was the problem?
  8. Yes you are right. But what about quality controls ? For the reputation of such a brand, it is necessary to pay attention to the subcontractors. I had mediocre mirrors (Chinese) and high quality (skyvision) and despite the years, the mirrors were still good. This is really good work.
  9. Hello everybody, Here is my mishap with ASA During 2017, I decided to break the piggy bank to offer me an ASA telescope. I wanted to take a well known name and quality recognized around the world. In November 2017, reception of the telescope. Tracking the order, transportation everything is perfect. When unpacking, comes my first complaint 1°) The carbon tube of the telescope has many cavities on its surface! After claim, ASA decides to refund me 200 €. I agree with their proposal and I accept. Subsequently, a message on my mailbox arrives in March 2018 telling me that a new corrector 3 '' has just been sent to me. Second problem ! 2°) “We will send you a corrector replacement due to missing multi coating on the one you originally received.” On this point, it's very professional. Nothing to say but it's two problems a few months apart. 3°) Then in April 2018, I contact ASA again for a problem regarding my secondary mirror. This one has some kind of spots all around the mirror. According to Wolfgang PROMPER, it seems that black paint is involved in this phenomenon. He decides to send me a new medium with a new secondary mirror. Once again, the problem is well managed by the ASA team but it starts to do a lot! And it's not over ! 4°) Now it is the primary mirror to have a problem. After more than a year of use, I wanted to disassemble the telescope for a complete cleaning (see my discussion on this forum http://forum.astrosysteme.com/index.php?/topic/1035-cleaning-primary-mirror/). To my surprise, I discovered a primary mirror completely stitched. That is, the aluminide has not been done properly. We even distinguish, on the edge of the mirror, aluminide in the process of leaving. I am very disappointed with all these problems with the ASA hardware. At the price where it matters and according to their reputation, I expected much better from them. To summarize : - the carbon tube of the telescope is smashed - the 3 '' corrector changed - the secondary mirror also changed - the primary mirror completely stitched To summarize the whole telescope is bad. So I contacted the support so he could do some things. After asking the place of storage, which for my part is not the question to ask! After a little more than a year of use, it is not normal to obtain this result on a so-called quality mirror! And the answer? Not before June 20 !!!! In short, I saturate because to shell 8000 € and get this material ..... I started contacting Skyvision and AiryLab. If the ASA team does not bring me satisfaction in managing this big problem, I'm counting on: - To ask for tests of conformity of the mirror afion to check the specifications and the quality of mirror (except problem mentioned of course) by the French companies. - Disseminate information on different forums (astrobin, APOD, Sky & Telescope, AstronomyMag etc.). - Go further if necessary. Hoping that all my problems are resolved.
  10. Merci beaucoup pour ton message et tuto très détaillé. C'est sympa Dernières questions : - l'alcool isopropyl tu l'utilise à la fin en pulvérisant sur les lingettes ? - L'autocollant pour la collimation au centre du miroir reste collé après toutes ces étapes ? --------------------------------------- Thank you very much. Last questions: - isopropyl alcohol you use it at the end by spraying on the wipes? - The sticker for collimation in the center of the mirror remains stuck after all these steps?
  11. Nobody uses @ Focus3 to focus?
  12. Merci Pour ton message, le miroir est impeccable !!! Un petit tuto dans les grandes lignes ?
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