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  1. The Rosette Nebula is an emission nebula, a large star forming region located in the constellation Monoceros. Teleskope: ASA 10Nf3,6 Camera: FLI ML11002 Mount: ASA DDM60 Pro Exposure: Ha - 12x900s binx1, OIII - 10x600s binx1, SII - 10x600s binx1. Date and place: 03. 2020, Lubiaszów Stary, Poland. High resolution file::http://andrzejfijolek.pl/wp-content/uploads/2019/09/NGC2237-RGBbis7.jpg
  2. Hello, Thank you for your kind words. I am trying to do my best in representing Polish astrophotographers on ASA message board and posting some photos from time to time. Like every ASA fan I am a bit worried that they plan to stop offering equipment for amateurs and only focus on highly professional products for observatories.
  3. Hello, Exposure: L-32x300s bin1 RGB-6x200s bin2 Mount-ASA DDM60pro Astrograph-ASA 10Nf3,6 Camera-FLI 11002 Software: PixInsight 1,8, Ps CS6 High resolution image:http://andrzejfijolek.pl/wp-content/uploads/2019/03/B33-Mgławica-Koński-Łebbis11.jpg
  4. Hi Wojtek. Thanks for the feedback. Best regards Andrzej
  5. Hello, Date: October 2017 Exposure: Ha - 22x900s bin1 OIII - 6x1200s bin2 SII - 6x1200s bin2 Mount: ASA DDM60 Astrograph: ASA 10" F/3.6 10N Camera: Atik One 6.0M Software: PixInsight 1.8, Photoshop CS6 High resolution image: http://andrzejfijolek.pl/wp-content/uploads/2015/10/IC1805HaOIIISIIbis15-1.jpg
  6. Hello Thanks for your words of praise Mark & Lluís much appreciate that!. It was terribly cold that night when I was taking this picture. But at least the final result was worth the effort of spending few hours in sub-zero conditions! Best regards Andrzej
  7. Hello, Date: January 2017 Exposure: Ha - 15x900s bin1 OIII - 7x1200s bin2 SII - 7x1200s bin2 Mount: ASA DDM60 Astrograph: ASA 10" F/3.6 10N Camera: Atik One 6.0M Software: PixInsight 1.8, Photoshop CS6 High resolution image:http://andrzejfijolek.pl/wp-content/uploads/2015/10/IC410.jpg
  8. Andrzej F.

    NGC 6992

    Setup: Teleskope ASA 10Nf3,6, Camera Sbig STL 11000M, Mount DDM60pro. Baader narrowband filter set. Ha-15x900s, OIII-10x1200s. Location: Piotrkow Trybunalski - Poland.
  9. Hello Waldemar, Thank you for your advice. I have reported my mount DDM60 issue to Dietmar Weinzinger on 07.04.2015. He redirected me to ASA support department and I sent them all relevant log files and pictures. I will perform one more test and send them the results again. Best Regards Andrzej
  10. Hi Waldemar, At the beginning of April 2015 I have reported this issue to ASA. I was asked by them to send CISerolog file with the record of faulty tracking of my mount DDM60. I have sent them the CiServolog 2015_4_21 file (attached to my message above) as well as the pictures on 26th April 2015. To this day I have not received any reply to my query. Later on I found out that there are other Polish colleagues who experienced exactly the same problem with ASA mount DDM60. That's why I decided share my story on this ASA message board. Best regards, Andrzej
  11. Hello I guess my problem is of the same nature. My mount ASA DDM60pro (serial no. 10110, production year 2012) makes the mistake on RA axis while using at low temperatures. The lower the temperature the more faulty exposures. Worst effects are observed in temperatures below freezing. In fact I am unable to take any pictures in such weather conditions. I can feel greater resistance on the bearing then. On the other hand, during spring while the air temperature exceeds 8 degrees Celsius, mount works without any disruptions. My two colleagues from Poland have experienced exactly the same issues and it appears the production dates of their mounts are the same as mine. I have performed two tests on my mount DDM60pro. First took place on 15th April 2015 and night temperature was 12 °C then. I haven’t observed any issues during taking photos. I did second test on 21st April 2015 and temperature was lower on that day: 6 °C. I noticed two exposures with errors: 1st exposure 600s, dated 21-04-2015, time: 23:09:51 2nd exposure 600s, dated 22-04-2015, time: 00:23:49 Below you can find photos taken on the same day during bad exposures at 600s as well as CIServoLogs file. For clarity I am providing a selection of CIServolog lines where tracking errors have occurred. -23:01:28 error 2.41 arcsec 7.3A -23:01:40 error 2.87 arcsec 5.0 A -23:01:46 error 21.85 arcsec 5.0 A -23:01:58 error 21.42 arcsec 5.0 A -23:02:04 error 84.91 arcsec 5.0 A, end of exposure 1 - 23:09:51 -00:15:11 error 1.77 arcsec 6.2 A -00:15:28 error 2.13 arcsec 3.8 A -00:15:40 error 2.71 arcsec 4.9 A -00:15:47 error 10.27 arcsec 5.0 A, end of exposure 2 - 00:23:49. Best Regards Andrzej 2015_4_21_20h58m (5).txt
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