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  1. Thanks Lukas. Looks like Linux may be no-go as yet, which is a bother as Win-Dross updates ave a nasty habit of breaking other people's software.
  2. Having become totally fed up with Win-Dross stuffing up drivers etc at every carelessly coded update I am considering dumping it and switching to Linux (Probably a variety of Mint).Some software has Linux versions, while others (I think) will run under WINE in Linux. Has anyone tried this with Autoslew and Sequence? If so, with what success? Hopefully the platform agnostic software will be released to us legacy mount owners which will solve these issues.
  3. Many thanks, and sorry for being slow to check back in. I have ordered a Sesto Senso for my TS Photoline 130 f/7. If it works as well as you say then I will probably get ofe for the FT on my ODK12 when I commission it. Now just hoping the next Win-Dross update doesn't trash more of my software.
  4. DaveS

    Any ASA news ?

    Do ASA read these forums? Nope. probably not. I too am hoping for the new software to come along, and to work with "legacy" mounts. If truly platform independent maybe I can ditch the Win-Dross that has just stuffed up my system with a sneaky update.
  5. I'm looking to add autofocus to my imaging train, and the Sesto Senso looks an attractive offering. Wondering if anyone on here has any experience, good or bad. TIA
  6. Having (Cross fingers, touch wood) got Sequence playing nicely I see there is a facility for making Twilight Flats. Does anyone use this method? If so have you encountered any hitches in getting good data? Any tips/ TIA
  7. I have windows 10 1903 on my imaging PC and have no problems opening Autoslew or Sequence. The problems I had with Sequence were from another origen.
  8. Unless something crashes this may be my last post on the subject. Last night I ran a 4 hour sequence which I knew would involve a Meridian Flip, to see if Sequence could handle it. I kept an eye on the monitors, and as the sequence neared the pier side I went to have a look. At one point I was getting worried, as the MLPT was ticking down, and the limit was fast approaching, but all was well. As I was watching I saw the Autoslew "Telescope slewing" window pop up and the mount did the required Meridian Flip without fuss. There was next a slew to the synch / focus star followed by th
  9. I just hope that the "New" software that I'm hearing about will solve all these problems. It really needs to be a single integrated package with the functionality of Autoslew, Sequence, the camera control of Maxim (No need of all the other stuff) and PinPoint, plus any other tools that ASA can package in, and be debugged BEFORE release, instead of expecting end-users to be beta-testers. What irks me about the current package is having to purchase a full version of Maxim just to use the very basic functions of the camera control, not even the autosave sequence. OK, if you can afford a DDM m
  10. Well.... Success! (And no need for rude words ) The problem that caused the last Unhandled Exception was due to me being lazy in entering the target coordinates for that particular object. I thought I could copy and paste from the coordinates shown in Cartes du Ciel, but when I did there were no J2000 (?) coordinates shown, and I thought it didn't matter. Well, it DOES matter, since when I edited the file, manually typing in the coordinates, the other set were automatically entered. I set Sequence running last night and while waiting for the target to get high enough for Sequence
  11. Thanks for the pointers to copy the error text I'll do that if I get another unhandled exception tonight Here is the .trg I was using last night. I have updated it since, as I may have made an error entering tho coordinates, I did not see the Corrected (?) coordinates when I had a look just now. I re-entered them and both sets of coordinated were filled out <?xml version="1.0"?> <clsTarget xmlns:xsi="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance"xmlns:xsd="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema"> <Name>Stephan and Deer</Name> <ObjRa> 22h37m30.5s </ObjRa>
  12. I have had a look at the Exposure Setting that I was using last night, and see nothing particularly unusual. Since I don't have the permissions needed to attach the file as such I have copied it as a text file in Notepad <?xml version="1.0" encoding="Windows-1252"?> <ExposureSettings> <Name>C:\ProgramData\ASA\Sequence\ExposureSettings\Stephan and Deer GB and L.exp</Name> <IsGuided>False</IsGuided> <MLPTused>True</MLPTused> <DitherAmount>5.00</DitherAmount> <GroupBySlot>True</GroupBySlot> <ExposureDetail
  13. Well, I got yet another, different Unhandled Exception. Sequence appeared to work as it should, slewing to a synch / focus star, made an exposure, and solve. fine, I could see everything happening on the bar at the foot of the screen, but then got the message in the screenshot. At first I thought it might have been because I'd inadvertently left the Maxim exposure window in Autosave, but a second trial with the setting changed to single produces the same result. Here is the Log, FWIW 2019_9_3_22h17m.txt
  14. I thought I had, but then I've just seen it un-ticked. I probably neglected to save the setting. Wolfgang has replied to me with a suggestion to set the ASCOM focuser simulator, he thinks there may be a bug in the system with Sequence expecting a focuser, and crashing if one isn't installed. I tried that following Luc's suggestion but it looked to have stuffed up the Exposure Settings page. I think it's OK now. Software does my head in, there are so many interacting routines / threads / subroutines etc that finding where the *actual* problem lies, rather than where it *looks like* it l
  15. I have to use Maxim for the saving, as Sequence crashes with Unhandled Exception Errors before it can even make the Synch exposure. From looking at the Sequence Logs (Which I only recently found D'oh!) I can see the last entry is for Readout Mode -1 which is silly. This is the latest from an aborted trial run. 20:33:46.724: ************************************************************************ 20:33:46.724: Starting Sequence on Target C:\ProgramData\ASA\Sequence\Target Files\Crescent.trg with Exposure settings C:\ProgramData\ASA\Sequence\ExposureSettings\2 Hour Hydrogen Bin1.exp 20:3
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