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  1. How did your testing go? If you managed to get some clear skies that is
  2. I've run USB3 cameras perfectly fine through a USB2 hub so on that premise I'd say you'd be fine
  3. The jury is still out as to how effective they would be. The AO units that is amateurs can get our hands on are tip/tilt which is really good for correcting for minor fast tracking errors, something that cheaper mounts are plagued with. At their peak they don't really work faster than 10HZ which is fast enough for slow moving atmospheric turbulence but does require a reasonably bright star in field. With excellent seeing it may help tighten up your FWHM a fraction but in poor/average seeing it won't do anything at all (general comment from those who use them).
  4. That is mount misalignment with respect to the celestial pole... If you have to move be mechanical axis (raising or lowering) then it is a mount misalignment as I said.
  5. It is of mount yes. This is the mount misalignment in respect to the celestial pole.
  6. At the moment I am only working on one target in a night so I am creating the MLPT before I start imaging. I have found that CCDAP and the ASI1600 don't go so well together when doing LRGB Imaging, same with ACP. They're both great programs BUT they have a lot of "dead time" which isn't that bad unless you're imaging at 1.6e- read noise I've been doing it in Maxim for a long time but it does mean I need to go and focus manually (push the focus button in FocusMax) every hour. I want sleep! Apart from the lack of automation I have found MaximDL to work very well. I could check t
  7. One of the first things I do in MaximDL V6.11 is go to the Telescope tab, Site and Optics and then press "Download from Telescope" or something to that effect. That way it is using exactly the same location info as Autoslew. Also best to make sure it is in JNow and now J2000.
  8. Until recently I've been quite manual in the way I have been doing my imaging. Using TSX to slew and centre objects, MaximDL for focusing and capture, getting up throughout the night to refocus. This week I've started trying to get semi-automated imaging up and running. Started with Sequence Generator Pro which I have found hit and miss, sometimes it'll get through most of the night without a hitch and other times it'll make it to the second target before running into a Position error in Autoslew. Thinking that it was maybe SGP having a conflict with Autoslew. Last night I tried CCDAP
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