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  1. Can any member provide me with the weight capacity for the DDM85 Basic, Standard, and Premium mounts? I cannot readily find this information.
  2. What is the difference between the DDM85 Basic; DDM85 Standard; and the DDM85 Premium mounts?
  3. Thank you vey much Pelle. I am looking to purchase this year a ASA scope and DDM85 mount and I am now for the first time reviewing the various forms for issues that hopefully have been corrected since any scope has been first introduced. I don't want any bugs that are an issue with either the design or assembly. I understand if the issue is solely user based. What type of primary and secondary mirrors are in the 10N and 12N? If you know. I was looking at the 8 inch H model if offered in the near future with much larger aperture. Are any of ASA's three astrographs suitable for both imaging and visual? Are you truthfully satisfied with your purchase and would you have looked at another manufacturer such as Officina Stellare if you had to do over?
  4. Did you ever receive a response to your question? I am curious also before I purchase. Alan Noot in Medina, Minnesota.
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