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DDM60 over ethernet?



for redundancy reasons I would like to have the possibility to access the ASA with a second computer. Is this reliably possible with a USB server wich I connect with ethernet? Does anyone have any experience with this and which devices can you recommend? Reliability is the first priority and USB 3.0 is not necessary.

Thank you


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Hi Thomas,

I use an Icron Ranger 2304, which is an 4-port USB-Ethernet converter with two units, one at the scope and one at the computer with an ethernet cat6 cable connecting the two units to each other. Maximum distance between the two is 100 meters with cat6 https://www.icronshop.com/icron-brand/icron-ranger-2304 A set for fiber optics interconnection is available as well. That can cover 300 meters distance.

Another one is the Silex DS-600 which has a USB2 and a USB3 port. It can handle a 4 port hub on both connections. This is a single unit with a cat6 cable to the ethernet port on your computer or a server: https://www.silextechnology.com/connectivity-solutions/device-connectivity/ds-600

Both work well without problems. The Silex DS-600 is the cheapest of the two. Because these units are used at the mount and then with a cat cable to the computer or laptop inside the house, I treated them with NanoProtech Electric spray to prevent problems  with condensation.

To be clear:  no computer at the mount, just connect your USB equipment to the Icron Ranger or Silex DS-600 and from there to your computer in the house.


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